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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 22, 2018 2:15pm-2:30pm CET

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as you can see they did a good job we have more on a dumb also with get hot coming up shortly here what you need to have good news coming to you live from the name. of. the not over out of a will not succeed in dividing us out not succeeding taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters. made for mines. crime fighter the new season of radio crime thrillers.
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domestic violence cyber crime and the human trafficking for investigative cases that will keep you on your toes great writing stories at a big idea if i so every young person needs to listen to crime fighters and share tell a friend tell a friend to face crime fighters don't miss it. rich rich out of the gap between the super wealthy and the rest of the world has widened again that's the claim of the latest in a call it's a report by bob wells richest one percent apparently get eighty percent of the wealth tax evasion and erosion of workers' rights among the main course. poor and poor up as rampant inflation number mismanagement by the socialist government driving commie further down the drain venezuelans are now forced to dig
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up the. the banks for anything valuable. this is g.w. business and live from berlin office just in time for the meeting of the world's leaders in business finance and politics in doubles the international ngo oxfam is updating its annual inequality report oxfam sas the number of billionaires worldwide has gone up to two thousand and forty three this past year their combined wealth increased by thirteen percent that's not bad news per se is it congress relations to all you new billionaires out there but there is a downside to it eighty two percent of the global wealth created last year went to the top one percent of the world's population the super rich and is an interesting example in just four days the c.e.o. of one of the world's top fashion brands and as much as a seamstress in bangladesh makes throughout her entire working life to add insult to injury the richest people in the world are experts in tax avoidance oxfam claims
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paying two hundred billion dollars less in taxes than they should according to the respective laws of their countries development aid on the other hand paid out by the leading industrial nations stands at one hundred forty five billion dollars. malaysia's economy roared ahead in recent months showing the largest expansion in three years the overwhelming majority of this output is fueled by coal fired electricity plans owned by giant providers such as petronas providing electricity to small villages is hardly a priority in a developing economy moving as fast as malaysia's so social entrepreneurs are moving in to help turn the lights on in the countryside. the people of pasco dong aren't hooked up to the electrical grid even though they live just four hours from the capital kuala lumpur ten years ago the malaysian government installed solar panels here but
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a few of them are still working. out what that's why gurpreet singh has come to the village. around four years ago he founded the social enterprise farm. gives workshops to village residents that train them in how to repair the technology then the lights and small appliances here will work again if you're going to see if you learned well we thought at the workshop most of the village residents can't afford this pair of parts that the b.g. b.g. team has brought with them from the capital they're financed by donations and crowd funding drives. electricity for all the company has taken on responsibilities usually assumed by the state well you know we can take initiative to me and teens community things that we want to see. sometimes when there's
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a problem in this takes a little bit of action. and that action is definitely lacking not only in this we did see all around the country in different reese informs malaysia now consumes around five times the energy it did back in one thousand nine hundred eighty and it's a developing country with a burgeoning population that's hungry for products like air conditioners that's where as reno your source company comes and it converts conventional air conditioning units to consume fifty percent less electricity the exact method is still a trade secret the technology hasn't yet been given all the necessary patents but use of has already landed big customers like this eco resort. in the way that leave their. vision these. days it. is also. claimed that it is nice. because they're always looking to go on.
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and other potential customers from the u.s. have also come knocking the energy saving air conditioners made in malaysia might soon become a mainstream product. a quick check on the markets only bartz and frankfurt. yeah the e.c.b. is on everybody's minds the markets are flat in europe and i think the european central bank meeting on thursday is one of the main reasons for that it's going to be a very important one considering the minutes of the last meeting the one in december people assume that the e.c.b. is looking at a way to tighten monetary policy earlier what does that mean perhaps raise rates earlier and go back with khan wanted to easing earlier it's not just said and done yet but people will be watching very carefully what mario draghi says this coming thursday in order to get any hint of that sort of thing it's possible that the
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e.c.b. will wait until the next meeting but people are very anxious about what is coming and that's an important topic for the market today but it also big changes that a diligent buzz image runs the france talking strange there where you are what can you tell us. that's right the new c.e.o. ted of i'm of who's been in the office and so january first is going to have his first public appearance at the microphone is all ready been seen at a reception here in frankfurt but he will perhaps not outline exactly what he will do it won't be a press conference a results conference but people will be looking at what exactly he's saying what needs to be done what could be done general. of coordination perhaps of exchanges around the world and people will be looking at the wording to see is he going for another mega for a merger like the one with london that failed last year and what type of a guy is he is he perhaps more politically savvy than cost and can get to his predecessor who also had an insider investigation going for him the reason why you
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had to go in the end when he bought some friends for thank you. for months now and as oil has been reporting crisis after crisis the socialist countries failing economy has left more and more people in poverty inflation is running but still people are finding new ways of making money and carcass people opposite a dangerous treasure hunt out of sheer desperation. hands deep in the mud if the go i read river in caracas this is how in hell and his friends make a living as the sips through their fingers there hoping to see something they can sell and all brings about may be because you can find everything here. gold that's what we're mainly looking for. this situation has put us here. because we don't have jobs. over. these last store discarded possessions can
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include jewelry like ear rings and bracelets but it's dangerous work the go i reflect gathers excess rainwater so a heavy downpour could wash on her and his friends away. and the river stinks it's a potential health risk. but it met over the final film festival this is not treated for what. it's like water from the bottom of your toilet bowl at hiram. imagine that every day you're exposed to this water it's nothing more than so rich . go now back at about a forgotten but the crisis has left people without a choice twenty six year old and lives with his father in one of the poorest areas of caracas he found a job as a street sweeper but for less than seven u.s. dollars a month searching the river is more lucrative but still only enough for the barest essentials he wants to leave the country become. pm boy you all i would like to
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leave but that costs money to try to raise money as you go but then the price of everything goes up and it's never enough you get ten thousand dollars but things that used to cost ten thousand and suddenly cost twenty thousand and it's never enough life is so expensive and hot. for the time being and hal and his friends will continue scouring that. in caracas that was a symbol of the crisis in venezuela. and we stand a part of the world's twenty seventeen was a record year for cuban tourism with four point seven million visitors pumping around three billion dollars into the island's economy but president strums type of travel rules make it hard for some to turn a profit tourism dollars from big spending americans seem to be heading into cuba's state sector and away from private business. the man overlooking revolution square is a legend che guevara the man on the harley is his son and it's to give our eyes the
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owner of love what it was a tourist and he's showing tourists a cross of honor his guests love it the business took off after then president barack obama lifted a longstanding travel ban for americans. well pre-med. the first years of a very good there was an opening and an increase in tourism and that helped us but today relations are more closed the world has become more complicated conditions are worse and tourism has dropped a bit. in fact tourism has not dropped twenty seventeen was a record year for cuba tourism is up including from the u.s. but on the new regulations put in place by the trump administration all u.s. travel has to take place and organized to a groups that's bad news for some small providers. car cuba tourists can rent the classic cars of ana is famous for the owner has an idea about why u.s.
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tourists a facing tighter rules again. when americans see the reality of cuban life when they hear the testimonies of cuban businessman from the private sector they realize that everything they have been told are lies. tighter regulations are not american tourists still flock to the island but some small businesses won't benefit from their visit until after the trump years. by.
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for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing a live fire meant for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's explain each other. to an environment magazine the first. d.w. . a long walk and a drive with a v.w. motor magazine coming up the automotive technology of tomorrow a las vegas consumer electronics show. a sports car and a clash of its own the chevrolet corvette grand sport and the new.


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